Benefits of Ratib Jalaliyyah

There are innumerable benefits associated with the recital of Ratib Jalaliyyah. Those who have regularly recited this ratib with a pure heart and undefiled thought, have been blessed with the sacred vision of the Holy Prophet (Sal) and with the noble vision of their Shaykhs (spiritual guides). Also the recitation of ratib Jalaliyyah has been found to be helpful for achieving success in business, fulfillment of marriage proposals, recovery from illness and for ensuring safe and easy delivery of babies and without any deformity.

We must remember that if we desire to get full benefit out of the recitation of this Ratib, we should recite it with full faith, fervor and perfect religious discipline, and we should also take care to pronounce every letter in the most perfect manner.

It is however, permissible to reduce the number of times each Dhikr is to be recited if the time at our disposal is short. Similarly and for the same reason, some of the qaseed may be omitted. But no such omission is desirable as far as the bayts upto page 22.

We should not resort to the undesirable practice of reciting the bayts in gay tunes or splitting the words for the sake of tunes as the meaning is made to suffer. Further, such cheap tunes do not go well with the sanctity of the theme of the ratib. We must, with all our heart and mind, try to recite it in a dignified manner with full faith in its efficacy, and in the blessings which is bound to bring for the benefit of all those who participate in its recitation.

The Qur’an on the peace-giving Dhikr

1.  Who remembers Allah standing and sitting and lying on their sides, and contemplate in the creation of heavens and      earth; (saying) “O our Lord! You have not made it in vain, Hallowed be You, You save us from the torment of Hell. (Qur’an      3:191)
2.  They are those who have believed and their hearts find satisfaction with the remembrance of Allah. Behold, in the      remembrance of Allah alone there is satisfaction of hearts (Qur’an 13:28)
3.  And whoever turns away from the remembrance of his Lord, He will make him join a rising torment (Qur’an 72:17)
4.  And whoever turned his face from My remembrance of his Lord, then undoubtedly, for him there is straightened life, and      We shall raise him blind on the Day of Resurrection (Quran 20:124)
5.  O Believers! Let not your wealth and your children divert you from the remembrance of Allah, and whoever does so, they      are really in loss (Qur’an 63:9)
6.  And no doubt, the remembrance of Allah is the greatest… (Qur’an 29:45)
7.  Woe then to those who hearts are heartened from (the opposition to) the Remembrance of Allah. (Qur’an 29:22)
8.  And whoso (willfully) withdraws himself from the Remembrance of the Most Gracious (Allah), We assign to him a devil (so)      that he may remain his intimate companion (Qur’an 43:36)
9.  And remember Allah much. Haply you may prosper. (Qur’an 62:10)
10.(And Muslim) men and women who remember Allah much – for all of them Allah has kept prepared forgiveness and      great reward (Qur’an 33:35)