About Ratib Jalaliyyah

Ratib Jalaliyyah comprises six types of recitals

1. Aayats of the Holy Quran
2. Dhikr (rememberance of Allah)
3. Salawat on the Holy Prophet (Sal)
4. Mawlids – Panegyrics, songs of praise on the Holy Prophet
5. Mawlids – Praise of Saints
6. Dua/Munajat - Seeks Allah’s blessings

The term Ratib is used for any composition containing verses and passages in the nature of Dhikr Salawat on the Holy Prophet (Sal) and praise for the penance of the Shaykhs (spiritual masters). Ratib Jalaliyyah is one such famous Ratib. Its author is Qutbuz Zaman Sayyid Muhammed Mappillai Labbai Alim Waliyullah. Also known as Imamul Arus and Madihus Sibtayn, he is the author of more than a hundred literary works in Arabic and Arabic-Tamil.

The early part of famous work, viz, Haddad Ratib of Al Qutbuz Sayyid Abdullahil Haddad, has been included in the Ratib Jalaliyyah. Further, Ratib Jalaliyyah is also based on another Ratib the author of which is also Qutbu Sayyid Muhammadul Bukhariyyil Jalalyyl.

Ratib Jalaliyyah is being regularly recited with much devotion and attachment. It is being regularly recited since the past hundred and fifty years in Sri Lanka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala not only at homes, but also in mosques and institutions like madrasahs. It popularity extends beyond this border and it is widely recited in countries like Malysia, Thailand, Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE), Jassim, Linja and Khorram (Iran), Basra (Iraq) and Kuwait. It has its devotees even in the Arab countries of the African continent like Morocco.

The reason for its popularity over such a wide region lies in the innumerable benefits its recitation brings. If it is regularly recited on the nights of Friday and Monday (that is, the nights of Thursday and Sunday according to the English calendar), it has proved highly beneficial. If not less than forty persons, who are regular in their daily worship and who lead a religiously disciplined life, assemble at a clean palce and recite the whole of this ratib, it has been seen by experience that even the worst disaster or calamity is averted and that all just and legitimate desires are fulfilled.

Those who have regularly recited this ratib with a pure heart and undefiled thought, have been blessed with the sacred vision of the Holy Prophet (Sal) and with the noble vision of their Shaykhs (spiritual guides). Also the recitation of ratib Jalaliyyah has been found to be helpful for achieving success in business, fulfillment of marriage proposals, recovery from illness and for ensuring safe and easy delivery of babies and without any deformity.