This website contains the Ratib Jalaliyyah, which is widely recited and is popular in many countries.

The term Ratib is used for any composition containing verses and passages in the nature of Dhikr Salawat on the Holy Prophet (Sal) and praise for the penance of the Shaykhs (spiritual masters). Ratib Jalaliyyah is one such famous Ratib. Its author is Qutbuz Zaman Sayyid Muhammed Mappillai Labbai Alim Waliyullah. Also known as Imamul Arus and Madihus Sibtayn, he is the author of more than a hundred literary works in Arabic and Arabic-Tamil.

Here you can learn about the benefits of Ratib Jalaliyyah, and what the Holy Qur'an says about Dhikr. This site is also aimed at providing easy access to travellers who have do not have their ratib books with them, and also to new-comers who are interested in understanding and reciting it.

May Allah, the most Merciful and the Most Beneficent, forgive our sins and shower His unlimited Mercy on us! Ameen!

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